How to Nail Your Customer Service Job Interview

January 24, 2020

So, how do you nail your customer service job interview?

The first thing is to do all of the basics: be professional, research the company, even research the person you’re interviewing with. 

Past that, if you’re trying to get into customer service, I’ll give you one tip. Show that you have a focus on customers and what that means.

Show that you believe in the importance of customer service and that — and here’s a keyword that should score you points — that you believe customer service should be proactive, that you always try to look out for how to proactively help customers instead of just reacting to what they do.

And if you have a short example of how you did this at your last job, that will absolutely stand out.

Of course, don’t say it, if you don’t mean it but demonstrating this attitude and level of customer service understanding will separate you from many other applicants and help you nail your customer service job interview.



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