How to Nail Your Customer Service Job Performance Review?

February 14, 2020

One question is how can you nail your customer service job performance review? I would recommend that you go into your review armed with three things: metrics, stories, and a plan. 

Many managers and supervisors are focused on metrics and if you can show improvement on metrics, particularly if you’ve hit goals or targets, that is certainly important. 

Next have stories. We, as humans, are wired to relate to stories. Share stories of how you successfully created a WOW moment for a customer or turned around a challenging customer situation, particularly if you received feedback from the customer such as a thank you.

Make sure you have those stories with you when you go into your performance review. 

Finally, have a plan for what you’re going to do next. How are you going to improve the customer experience, hit even better numbers, and generate more positive customer stories in the next period. 

Armed with metrics, stories, and a plan, you’ll nail your next customer service performance review.



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