Is Customer Service Dead?

January 22, 2020

Is customer service dead? Absolutely not! 

Customer service is not dead, but it is changing. Part of that change is that we now look at the broader concept of customer experience, which is that overall journey a customer takes with a business or brand. 

However, customer service is still an integral part of customer experience. It is a subset of customer experience and often one of the most important parts of any experience because it is often the part of the experience that is the make or break moment, what many in customer experience call a moment of truth. 

It’s in those moments — when there’s a problem, when there’s a challenge, when the customer’s journey has gone off the journey map — that customer service and the skill sets associated with traditional customer service is how we recover and how we save the customer relationships. 

Reports of the death of customer service are premature; it is still alive and well.



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