Keep Stepping to Succeed with Joy Marsden

March 30, 2017
Joy Marsden, Keep Stepping to Succeed

I had the great pleasure of speaking with self-success speaker Joy Marsden about motivation, perseverance, and the power of keeping moving.

Keep Stepping to Succeed

Joy believes that we need to keep moving forward, to keep stepping, into the midst of challenge. And while not everyone may lead others or want to, we each must lead ourselves and find ways to do so that are effective

Joy and I discuss the idea of people being natural at customer service and what that means when they are in a customer-facing role. We both believe that people skills can be learned, and Joy makes the point that everyone inevitably ends up customer-facing in some way and they need to have the skills for these situations.

Make sure to check out Joy’s insights in the video below.

To learn more about Joy, check out her bio beneath the video.

About Joy Marsden

Joy Marsden has over 20 years business experience in technical textile design, Marketing, Customer Service and Area Sales Management working with blue chip companies including Marks and Spencer, Mars, Next PLC and Avon Cosmetics.

Today as an influential change advocate, Joy works internationally using her uniquely designed Keep Stepping!® programme, which focuses on key principles that must be mastered when going through challenge and change. She is an author of the book ‘Keep Stepping! Essential ways to lead yourself and others through challenge and change.’

Joy works with leaders and their teams in both the public and private sector and some of her clients include, PepsiCo, Michelin, BBC, Aon, Chartered Institute for Personal Development, Police Superintendents’ Association, Oracle and National Institute of Health & Research.

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