Seriously! Is This The Worst Customer Service Sign Ever?

April 16, 2012

So, my wife and I were driving in the Orlando area yesterday and saw this sign. We were laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes.

Sometimes a picture is worth an entire blog post full of words.

Funny Customer Service Sign

Best sarcastic comment wins a prize!

23 thoughts on “Seriously! Is This The Worst Customer Service Sign Ever?”

  1. Are you sure it wasn’t supposed to say “Now featuring car repair service”?! Now THAT would have been even better!

    I wonder what they said before….

  2. G’Day Adam,
    Didn’t you know? “Customer Service” is a small group who specialize in recreating the music of the Nat King Cole Trio. Sometimes, like lots of customer service, they’re not quite in tune.

    Best Wishes

  3. “now featuring customer service”

    “Dont worry it wont cost too much, we bought it at the thrift store next to us, just trying it out for a while to see how it goes.”

  4. Love it. ‘Featuring’ is a really funny choice of words as well, imagining it’s a special guest at their car repair show, skipping around in a tutu or providing ambient music… ah.

  5. ::sigh::

    Even if they were going for that sarcastic tone, it doesn’t translate well in writing and it definitely didn’t translate well on that sign.

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