How This Blog Will Change in 2012
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How This Blog Will Change in 2012


Instead of a roundup looking back at the past year, I thought I would take a look forward in this final day of 2011. This blog will be changing a good bit in the coming year, and I wanted to talk briefly about the new direction.

[UPDATE: As the redesign has already occurred and this post was moved to the new domain, some information on this page will be dated.]

Name Change and Redesign

The name of blog and the domain name will be changing. The focus on customer service and customer experience is not aided by a confused branding message.

Do you sell fences? Are you a fence company? Do you have a clue — no, really… do you?

While IntenseFence Management Solutions will still be the business entity that owns this blog, the blog will have a new name and a new look. The new domain is already secured, and no, I’m not telling what it is. My wife’s latest copy of Vogue says I’m supposed to be mysterious.

(Gini knows, but she would never betray me. Unless you have Bears tickets on the 50.)

We are currently working on securing a designer. Also, we have to find an SEO expert to move everything without losing our Google juice, which I hear mixes well with vodka.

Content, Content, Content

As most of you know, I have posted religiously on a schedule over the past year.

<Insert pause as regular readers fall over laughing.>

Okay, so regular content production has not been a hallmark of this blog thus far, but that is going to change.

I just counted, and I have over 30 blog titles in my tickler file just waiting to be written. So, it has never been about ideas, just priorities. While I am still working on balancing (sorry Kaarina) this blog with multiple offline businesses, I am committing to step up content in a big way. I probably won’t adopt an actual blogging schedule until after the relaunch, but content production is going to increase measurably in 2012.

More Depth of Information

Look for entire sections of the site to develop focused on content areas. This will be an ongoing process, but I’ve already mapped out some key sections that I intend to develop in Q1 and Q2. Also, I will be producing more “pillar” type posts like this one on customer lifetime value.

Active Email Newsletter

It’s time… Enough said. Look for this to appear in Q1.


Long overdue (right Marcus?). Not sure how many me-looking-at-camera, Blair Witch style videos I will be posting, but you can look forward to interviews and other video content to appear in the first half of the year.

More Guest Posts

I will be soliciting more guest posts, particularly for the Customer Service Stories series. Drop me a line if you have a story of exceptional service, either positive or negative, that you think might be a good fit. I also hope to increase my guest posting at other blogs, but that will not be a focus in the early part of the year.

In Sum…

I hope this look to the future gives a sense of what to expect as we roll into 2012. I’m very excited about the new refinements and making this blog one of the top customer service destinations on the Internet!

Happy New Year

Moving Forward Into 2012!

Not all of the changes above will happen at once. The goal for the relaunch is Feb 14 because I’m a romantic at heart…  because that is the one year anniversary of this blog. Other than that, most of the items above are ongoing processes more than achievable milestones.

And Finally…

Last but not least, thank you.

Whether you read this today or on the other side of midnight, whether this is your first time here or your fortieth (Bill), I appreciate your taking the time to visit my little corner of the blogosphere. I look forward to seeing you in 2012 and making your time here more rewarding than ever.

A happy, healthy and safe New Year to all!

What would you like to see out of this blog in 2012?

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