What are Customer Service Skills?

February 12, 2020

What are some key customer service skills? I’ll give you three that are more specific than just “good communication” or “empathy” and are crucial for any person working with customers. 

Active Listening

First is active listening. In today’s digitally distracted world, attention is one of the most valuable resources. Active listening makes sure that you actually are giving customers your attention and lets them know that they’re being paid attention to. 


We do not know our customer’s story. Often when we interact with them, they are not at their best. The ability to understand that it’s not personal is crucial to having the emotional calm and presence of mind to help resolve the customer’s emotions and to move the interaction forward. 

Problem Solving

Finally, problem solving. Customer service is not easy and many customer situations are challenging. Creative problem solving skills are essential to great customer service. To be a true customer hero, you’ll need a lot of other skills, but active listening, depersonalization, and problem solving are three that will take you far.



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