Why Customer Service Language is Used?

February 26, 2020

Why Is Customer Service Language Used? This is an interesting question, as it could mean a few things. I assume what the person asking the question means by customer service is language that is thoughtful or carefully worded.

There are a few dynamics to why this type of language is taught and used.

To begin, it is simply more effective in producing outcomes in working with others. More often than not, communication determines interaction. This is particularly true in customer service because often our customers are in an emotional state.

At CTS Service Solutions, we talk a lot about service triggers and how customers can be triggered by certain things — and certainly language can be a huge trigger for people, particularly in a highly charged situation.

Customer service language is designed to, one, not provoke a reaction, and two, to hopefully soothe those who might be upset, agitated, or angry so that they can begin to transition to a better place emotionally. Customer service language is designed to help you play both defense and offense. 



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