8 Ways to Be Your Customer’s Hero

May 8, 2016

It’s official! We’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Be Your Customer’s Hero!

By focusing on the skills frontline teams need to successfully navigate relationships and interactions with customers, Be Your Customer’s Hero has directly impacted customer-facing teams and businesses teams all over the country and the world.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of HERO, we thought it would be fun to put together an infographic on customer service techniques and tips from Be Your Customer’s Hero.

Our Customer Service Infographic

Customer Service Infographic: 8 Ways to Be Your Customer's Hero

Improve Your Frontline Customer Service

Interested in upping your team’s service game? Dig deeper into Be Your Customer’s Hero using the link below.

7 thoughts on “8 Ways to Be Your Customer’s Hero”

  1. Hi Adam, great post! I love the infographic. All of your points are spot on. I especially like #5- be your customer’s own detective. As a customer experience professional, I spend a large part of my day fielding customer feedback and then figuring out truth and resolutions. I often encourage my team to investigate and gather facts that will help build the best resolution. Thanks for the great content!

    1. Thanks so much Katie! I appreciate the kind words. I completely agreee; itt is amazing how many issues one can resolve with a little detective work.

  2. I love the design! I work in a call center, you see. So we tend to be frustrated all the time when we get impatient customers. I’ll try forwarding this to my boss, maybe we could have this printed as a poster in the office. Again, great job! Cheers!

  3. Great list. #7 is HUGE! Reps must be hired and trained with skills to uncover the motivations of the customer. Why are they calling/emailing/texting/chatting/visiting? Why that particular channel? Why do they feel they way they do? What constitutes a reasonable solution to them, and why? What is their timeframe for resolution, and why? Why identifies reason. Why gives meaning and context. Why is a question we pepper parents with when we are kids, yet seem to discontinue asking as we get older, instead making assumptions and being so focused on the what. #KnowWhy #MotiveMatters

    1. Great points Jim. I love that insight “seem to discontinue asking as we get older…” So true. Why is what drives us, yet it is so easy to forget about. Thanks for sharing!

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