Bad Customer Service Costs You, Big Time

April 4, 2013

I enjoyed this excellent infographic from the folks over at Help Scout. The infographic, originally posted by Gregory Ciotti on the Help Scout blog, curates a number of well-known statistics with some lesser-known data to synthesize a graphic that shows how costly customer service can be.

A few standout takeaways serve as great reminders:

  • Customers will tell more people abut a bad experience than a good one,
  • A huge number of companies feel they offer great customer service, but their customers do not feel the same way, and
  • It’s a lot more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Enjoy the infographic and tell us…

What do you think the cost of bad customer service is?


3 thoughts on “Bad Customer Service Costs You, Big Time”

  1. So true; the wife and I went out to eat at a local restaurant which is part of a chain and we had to laugh at how overboard they went to provide exceptional customer service. It was somewhat contrived but it wasn’t a bad experience; they could have toned it down a little however.

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