Do Customer Service Jobs Come With Training?

March 13, 2020

Customer service is not necessarily a natural skill set and there are a host of techniques that must be trained and then made into habit for people to succeed with customers.

Companies that have true customer-centric cultures, that are known for their customer experience, train their employees not only on the operational aspects of the job, such as how to use a computer, but on what we call soft skills, how to work with customers.

If you’re looking to get into customer service because you think taking care of customers is something you would like to do as a job or career, you should be wary of any organization that doesn’t offer at least some training.

When you’re in your interview, it’s okay to ask what type of training the company provides.

If they don’t offer any, that’s a red flag for you, and if they do offer some, you’ll look good for asking.

1 thought on “Do Customer Service Jobs Come With Training?”

  1. Thank you for pointing out that effective customer service requires a variety of skills that must be learned before becoming a habit. I own a shop, and I’m moving it to a new location. I’m looking to work for a company that can provide my team with career training in customer service and growing sales.

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