Inside Customer Service: Jayme Soulati Live!

May 13, 2013

We are pleased to present our next installment in the Inside Customer Service video series: Jayme Soulati of Soulati Media.

I was able to catch up with Jayme back in April at Social Slam, and she was kind enough to give us our first “live” interview. Jayme has been interviewed here before (see How Great Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service), and she delivered once again.

We might not do a blog post for each installment in the Inside Customer Service series, but Jayme’s video is special because she just released her first book Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey.

Here’s a little bit about Writing with Verve:

“In this casual, yet informative business book on blogging, Jayme Soulati features three years of blog posts she’s written on her journey from newbie to professional blogger. The topic of blogging is this author’s favorite, and it shows in her friendly and personable writing style. The book is a quick read and chock full of tips and takeaways on a variety of blogging topics.

What’s more, Jayme’s authentic blog posts show key learnings from direct experience on the blogging path writing for Soulati-‘TUDE! at She showcases stories about what she learned since the start in March 2010 and how she’s grown into an award-winning professional blogger with nearly 500 blog posts to her credit.”

I am getting ready to order my copy. Click here to get yours.

Now, please check out Jayme in Inside Customer Service!


23 thoughts on “Inside Customer Service: Jayme Soulati Live!”

  1. Adam, what a pleasure being the first in your history of interviews to pass on a 3-question interview.

    But, I really have one complaint…did you have to use that freaking wide-body lens which made my face look like I had just pulled four wisdom teeth.

    Darn it. But, I had fun and you’re so great to showcase my book up there! Thanks, Adam!! You’re crazy. Wait, maybe I am.

    1. Hah Jayme! I used the same iPhone camera you turned on me. What is it they say about payback! 🙂

      You did great, and I really appreciate you doing the series. You owe me a Question 2 though…

  2. Nicely done, Jayme! Your personality comes through so much on video. You should do more of it – seriously!!! And passing on the second question?!? NO fair! 😉

    1. Now lookie here, see. He put me on the spot! I didn’t like Q2 at all, so I had to pass. I coulda just said I plead the 5th or No comment but, I thought a second and had nada…pass.

      In fact, I am thinking I didn’t even give a great answer to Q1. I’m better behind the cam; I just know it.

      1. hahahaha! We don’t quite need snowshoes today, but it IS snowing, eegads! Middle of May and snow on the ground. I am not amused.

        No rush: my plate’s still full to overflowing, but I look forward to it 🙂 Cheers! Kaarina

  3. I loved this interview, Adam and Jayme! Jayme, you handled it with a great sense of humor…as always.”Pass.” Haha!

    What a great idea for BMW’s customer service! Any info on how customers are responding?

    1. The customers at BMW love it. I wrote about it awhile back — The Genius some such or other about BMW and this program. Novel; perfect link from frontline inquiries to education to sales Thanks!

    1. Thanks, I enjoy watching you on video…mostly. BTW, you gonna do one soon without a cowboy hat? Use the same lens Adam did and you will look like a wide body tennis racquet, like me.

  4. Too bad Jayme is so subdued; maybe next time you can get a little more ‘life’ out of her.

    Aren’t you in O Hi O Jayme? I’m flying into Cleveland tomorrow to visit one of our insurance companies close to Akron.

    Great vid, great job Jayme & Adam.

  5. Hi Adam! I thought I’d just drop a quick comment here to let you know I’ve been reading around the blogosphere and found your site – I think from a comment you made on At any rate, I like what you’re doing here!

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