Introducing The Faces of Customer Experience

April 3, 2014

Recently we posted a blog on the significance of the one-on-one relationship in customer service. Although technology is replacing an increasing number of human interactions, the majority are still defined by the one-to-one experience. While touch points that do not involve a one-to-one interaction abound, rarely do these impact the customer experience as deeply as direct, person-to-person interactions.

The Faces of Customer Experience

Why is that?

Because direct interactions often allow us to connect on a deeper level, to get to know one another even if just a bit. In sales and customer service, the dynamic is simply called establishing rapport.

But thinking on this idea inspired us to try to facilitate some more of that connection here on Customers That Stick, to give a little glimpse into community members and customer experience leaders, who they are and what they think.

As such, we are excited to introduce our new interview series The Faces of Customer Experience! A few times a month, we will highlight one of our blog readers Facebook or Twitter followers and get to know them one-on-one.

We’ll explore what people learned from their first customer service job, where they think customer service is going on social media, and if the majority are Mac or PC. We will also ask them a few fun questions, like if they prefer paper or plastic or Dr. Spock or Captain Kirk. We want each person to share a little about themselves and their ideas on customer experience and customer service.

So, stay tuned to get to know our first new customer experience colleague in the next few weeks! And if you are a member of this community and are interested in being featured, just drop us a line at info [AT-sign] We look forward to seeing your face here!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing The Faces of Customer Experience”

    1. Didn’t you see the Rubik’s cube? That’s the new team!

      So, you’re volunteering to be featured Bill. 🙂 Excellent! I’ll be in touch.

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