Nonprofit Spotlight: Help a Boston Marathon Hero

April 22, 2013

As I read an article this morning about the Boston marathon bombing, I realized that it has been a long time since I have done a nonprofit spotlight. For those of you who are not familiar, occasionally, I will use this blog (or the previous incarnation) to highlight a nonprofit organization.

Technically, today’s spotlight is not about a true “nonprofit” in the legal sense — it is not for a registered 501(C) organization.

However, it is for a charitable cause, and a good one.

Jeff Bauman, An American Hero

I don’t know anything about marathon runner and bombing victim Jeff Bauman except what has been reported by the news media. Here are the basics:

  • Bauman had finished the Boston marathon and was waiting for his girlfriend at the finish line when the explosion occurred.
  • Bauman was in the primary blast radius and sustained devastating injuries to both legs
  • When Bauman awoke at the hospital, he asked for a pen and paper and wrote the following: “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me.”
  • The FBI soon presented him with pictures, and his assistance helped with the rapid identification of the bombers. (It should be noted that the final assertion has not been confirmed by the FBI and most media outlets are using non-committal language such as “reportedly helped” when reporting it.)

Unfortunately, Jeff Bauman has a very tough road ahead of him. He had to have both of his lower limbs removed due to the damage done by the blast. Apparently, he also had another surgery due to complications.

A Lot of Small Donations = A Large Amount of Help

The word hero gets thrown around a lot, but Jeff Bauman truly deserves the honor. Sitting in that hospital bed, half doped, a runner who had just lost his legs, and what is one of the first things he does? Asks for a piece of paper to let people know that he saw one of the bombers.

Jeff Bauman’s friends have set up a donation page to help with his medical bills, which are sure to be extensive. Please consider donating, even if a small amount.

Jeff Bauman possibly helped save countless other lives. He has plenty to deal with going forward without having to worry about making payment plans with his hospital’s accounts receivable department.

Click HERE to Donate to BUCKS FOR BAUMAN! (Donation closed)

For more on Jeff Bauman’s story, check out the following links (from which most of the information presented in this post has been derived).

Herald Sun (Australia) (link no longer active)

Huffington Post

While there are many other people who need help in the wake of the tragedy in Boston (and many other ways to help besides this one), the story of Jeff Bauman spoke to me personally. If you feel similarly moved, please donate to Bucks for Bauman! Every little bit helps.

6 thoughts on “Nonprofit Spotlight: Help a Boston Marathon Hero”

  1. I’ll share this post like crazy, Adam, because it speaks to me personally, too!

    You’ve shared a tasteful image of Jeff bring rushed to an ambulance, with angel-on-the-scene Carlos Arredondo running alongside him. I’m sure you saw the larger image of Jeff’s injuries, too. His survival is testimony not only to Carlos’s heroism and Boston medicine, but to Jeff’s incredible strength. He inspires me!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! Yes, I did see the uncropped image, and it was really graphic. You are so right, Jeff Baum’s survival really was due to help from a lot of people, including Mr.Arredondo, the first responders on site, and his med team. Amazing people all around.

      I appreciate the great comment, and the sharing!

  2. One of my oldest and dearest friends has Marshalled at the Boston Marathon for 10 years, and was at the finish line. He helped first responders as well, and witnessed what many of us will never have to see or deal with, He, like Jeff Bauman, the people who helped him and so many others, are true heroes.

    1. Wow Kaarina, what an incredible, personal connection to that day. We should all be thankful to people like your friend and Mr. Arredondo. They make a true difference.

  3. It was an incredible story and in spite of the tragic consequences to himself and certainly others, he had the wherewithal to get the information out.

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