Our Customer Service Podcast: One Year In

December 1, 2015
Our Customer Service Podcast: One Year In

On December 2, 2014, Jeannie Walters and I launched a podcast dedicated to all things customer; we called it Crack the Customer Code. With Crack the Customer Code, we wanted to explore the wide range of customer service and customer experience challenges that organizational leaders face on a regular basis.

With 71 episodes behind us, it is fun to look back at the incredible variety of interesting and exciting topics we’ve covered in the past year.

A Year of Learning

From Why Does Customer Service Still Stink (047) to Why Customer Service Must Be Profitable (061), we’ve explored customer experience and customer service from a number of different angles. Even better, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of guests, from thought leaders in content marketing, online superstars, and those transforming customer experience for large organizations like the Arizona Diamondbacks and PEMCO Insurance.

At the bottom of this post is a list of all of the guests we’ve had on Crack the Customer Code since inception. (Episodes prior to 038 had interviews mixed with other content.)

If you’ve missed any of these episodes, make sure to check them out! There’s a tremendous amount of wisdom contained in these discussions.

Thanks so much for a great year of conversation!

Please make sure to subscribe to Crack the Customer Code, and if you can, we’d love a review on iTunes.

Crack the Customer Code Podcast Guests: Year One

001: Jackie Huba

002: Graeme Newell

003: Mari Luangrath

004: Bill Cusick

005: Gini Dietrich

006: Tabitha Dunn

007: Stan Phelps

008: Joni Williams

009: Rachel Happe

010: Ingrid Lindberg

011: Jon-David

012: Anna Bell

013: Mike Wittenstein

014: Jeff Toister

015: Matt Ward

016: Blagica Bottigliero

017: Mohamed Latib

018: Rod Brooks

019: Andy Crestodina

020: Tom Martin

021: Shonali Burke

022: Amy Jackson

023: Mark Schaefer

025: Justin Zacks

026: Chicago Cabbie (Rashid Temuri)

027: Ann Handley

028: Derrick Hall

030: Diane Magers

031: Jeanne Bliss

032: Luis Serpa

033: Erin Wallace

034: Raj Sivasubramanian

035: Ramon DeLeon

036: Jennifer Maldonado

037: Ben Blakesley

038: Bob Burg

040: Robert Rose

042: John Murphy

044: Lee Caraher

046: Tom Schwab

048: John Warrillow

052: Peter Shankman

054: Marilyn Suttle

056: Lori Jo Vest

058: Jill Griffin

060: Jeremy Watkin

062: Shel Israel

064: Shep Hyken

066: Jill Salzman

068: Annette Franz

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