You Tell Us: How Do You Define Great Customer Service?
Adam Toporek Keynote Speaker of Customers That Stick®

You Tell Us: How Do You Define Great Customer Service?


During the launch of Customers That Stick in March of 2012, we created a user-generated blog post to answer the question: What is Great Customer Service?

The concept behind the post was for me to get out of the way and let CTS’ readers answer the question. We received numerous thoughtful insights from a variety of people, thoughts about what great customer service is and what it means.

However, like every blog launch, the CTS launch was a hectic time, and in the midst of everything else, we never really had the chance to promote the post like we would have liked.

So, here is our request: please go to the post What Is Great Customer Service and let us know your thoughts on great customer service.

We will be collecting the comments and putting them together for a few different social media channels, so make sure to leave us your link and Twitter handle.

What Is Great Customer Service | Customers That Stick ButtonThanks so much, and we look forward to reading your thoughts on great customer service!

PS. I have turned off comments on this post, so that all comments will be collected in the original post above.

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By Adam Toporek. Adam Toporek is an internationally recognized customer service expert, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. He is the author of Be Your Customer's Hero: Real-World Tips & Techniques for the Service Front Lines (2015), as well as the founder of the popular Customers That Stick® blog and co-host of the Crack the Customer Code podcast.

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