Want to Be a Good Customer? Look in the Mirror

April 15, 2013

On June 7, 2012 we discussed the ways we can all be better customers and increase our chances of getting great service. The original post was titled How to Be a Good Customer: 16 Ways to Not Be a Jerk and is one of our most popular posts to date.

We thought the post was perfect for a SlideShare presentation, so we decided to revisit the topic. After all, we can all use a reminder once in awhile to be better customers.

Enjoy the SlideShare below, and let us know — how else can customers not be jerks!

3 thoughts on “Want to Be a Good Customer? Look in the Mirror”

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  2. Great list, Adam! People, even some of our customer service colleagues, sometimes forget that service is a two-way street. Your tips are great reminders that we all have a part to play in an outstanding service experience.

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