Video: How Great Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service

March 19, 2012
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In our previous post, guest author Jayme Soulati of Soulati Media, Inc. wrote about How Great Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service.

I was fortunate enough to interview Jayme and to get her to expand on the thoughts she shared in her written piece. I was glad to capture Jayme live, as her enthusiasm and personality just aren’t done justice by the printed word.

Please check out the videos below to learn more about Jayme’s thoughts on what happens when marketing and customer service collide and companies are not prepared.

How Great Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service: Part 1

How Great Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service: Part 2

11 thoughts on “Video: How Great Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service”

    1. You’re wonderful to say so, Kaarina. That first cut with eyes darting all over and ignoring the camera and the second cut with more comfort to stare at that dang lens. Sheesh; video is not my favorite medium…thank you, though!

  1. What a snazzy intro, Adam! And you did capture Jayme’s ebullience really well.

    We see this so often, though, don’t we? Marketing does a really good job, and then customer service (and other departments) can’t handle the traffic/inquiries that they get. And it ends up being… well, not very good for the company. I wonder if AT&T will see this and respond to you or Jayme…

    1. Customer service is King. But, who thinks that? Thanks, Shonali. I’m impressed with Adam’s first stint as a videographer even though he took himself out of the bi-screen and left just moi…how embarrassing. But, it was fun.

  2. What a whiner; and what is that on your head, are you a telemarketer? I think it’s pretty cool you got two minutes in before Adam could even get a word in edgewise. You go girl…….:).

    It is very frustrating when you have limited choices and somebody jams you up with a take it or leave it attitude toward the whole process. Wouldn’t you think somebody along the line would have taken pride in their job and tried to make it a good experience for you? If everybody could care less what does that tell you about the top down message that is being sent?

    Thanks for sharing the story and great vid; I’m glad Adam figured out a way to get it live too…….:)

  3. “Sumbitch.” #ThatIsAll

    And, because your comment system, Adam, doesn’t allow for only two words and hash tags (I have to type more), I’ll continue…

    Yep; I deserved that, Bill…bring it, Bubba.

    And, in all XOXO, I can tell you watched part of it at least; AND, let me just say that Adam is the editing pro so it looks like I’m just motor mouthing all over the place b/c he edited himself down to nada.

    Where’s your video?

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