Empowered To Solve The Problem

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Recently my family became urban chicken farmers. After six weeks living in an indoor “coop” under a heat lamp, our new pets were ready to move outside. Our next step: get a coop.

We turned to the Internet to do our shopping. After a week of searching, we picked one out, clicked and ordered.

It arrived right on time, yea! But it was broken, boo! Four major parts had significant breaks. The thought of putting all the pieces back into the photo 2-4large box and shipping it across the country so they could send us a new one seemed crazy, costly and time consuming. So we called customer service in hopes of discovering a better solution.

I could tell you about the 20 minutes I sat on hold to talk to a customer service rep. Or the multiple emails that went unanswered. But that’s another blog post on wait time.

The part of this customer service encounter I really want to emphasize is problem solving. This company’s return policy is for the customer to repackage the broken product, drive it to the nearest Fedex, wait for the return to show up on their card, and then finally go back online and order another one. That’s a lot of work for me to continue doing business with them, and it doesn’t solve my problem of needing these chickens moved out of my house.

I decided to politely help them solve my problem by suggesting two solutions that would leave me relatively satisfied.  I went so far as to inform them we were ready to purchase some additional products as soon as this was resolved. Read More

SlideShare: 7 #CustServ Qualfications Everyone Must Have

Customer Service Qualifications SlideShare Cover

Customer service is a tough job, and customer-facing professionals must have many positive personality traits to be successful. In 2012, we wrote a post called 7 Customer Service Qualifications Everyone Must Have, and we decided to present this content via SlideShare to provide you with a fun, useful tool you can share with your teams.

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Faces of Customer Experience: Erin Archuleta

Erin Neeley Archuleta

Meet Erin Archuleta! Erin Archuleta enjoys workshopping with small businesses and NGOs around scale and replication, supporting community and civic initiatives, and bolstering a healthy food and restaurant system. She and her husband own San Francisco’s lauded ICHI Sushi + NI Bar, and ICHI Kakiya (coming soon!) She previously held the position of Director of […]

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Never Underestimate the Power of Consistent Customer Service

Never Underestimate the Power of Consistent Customer Service

People are creatures of habit — they enjoy knowing what something is going to be and then having it be that way. As a result, people’s happiness with any given experience is usually based on the expectations they have carried into it. This makes consistency of service a fundamental attribute of excellence of service. Below […]

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Do Customers Prefer a Call Back? This Study Says YES

Customer Preferences for Callback vs. Waiting on Hold

“I’m busy right now. Let me call you back.” This is a statement that one can be very forgiving of when it comes from a long-time friend but not so forgiving of when it comes from a company. But is that changing? According to this recent survey by Software Advice, customers are starting to appreciate […]

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Hooked on Customers: An Interview with Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson | Hooked on Customers

After reading an advance copy of Bob Thompson’s new book Hooked on Customers, I knew I wanted to connect with Bob and find out more about some of the insights from his book. I was particularly interested in the five organizational habits that he centers the book around. In the interview below, Bob gives us […]

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Faces of Customer Experience: John Bannon

John Bannon

Meet John Bannon! Business graduate from the 80′s rethinks career after fun second adventure in college studying French. After several trips to France, becoming fluent, seeks new, fresher life in a multitude of fields. Found a job managing the wine department at a local Trader Joe’s, expanded into event and party wine hosting. Focusing on […]

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